Tool Crib Attendant - Bridgman

Tool Crib Attendant — Bridgman

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Job Description:

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Tool Crib Attendant is responsible for the day to day functioning of the Tool Crib.



Detailed oriented



Organizing sorting activity

Demonstrate multi:tasking abilities


Enter new vendors into system

Sign in and check out tooling for operators and set:up personnel on a daily basis.

Measure tool crib items by verifying minimum and maximum levels of product.

Receive and distribute UPS packaging on a daily basis.

Receive material and packing slips in daily.

Mail tooling that needs to be sharpened to Burchett.

With assistance of the select tool crib vendor, standardize and create processes for the tool crib.

Organize and maintain tool crib.

Create and maintain a monthly inventory audit sheet.

Create P.O's shop wide

Order spot buys and special tooling.

Physical Requirements

Bending, stooping, reaching, twisting, lifting, pushing, pulling and moving items

Responding to public address system announcements

Walking and standing

Ability to lift fifty (50) pounds or more

Environmental Job Requirements

Due to forklifts and other heavy equipment traveling through the shop, temporary cracks may appear in the floor, causing an uneven walking surface

The shop environment can be dusty and noisy

Doors are frequently open, causing drafts and interior temperature changes

Floors around work area may become slippery during wet weather conditions, or liquids such as coolants and oils from the machinery

May have to handle parts with sharp edges

Passing forklifts emit gas fumes

Tools, supplies, and related materials may contain hazardous materials

May have to occasionally work outdoors where temperatures and climate can fluctuate

Personal Protection Equipment

The wearing of Safety Glasses when working on the shop floor.

Wage: 12.50 to 16.00